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If you’re one of those people that always pre-books your summer holiday, chances are you’ve finalised your plans by mid March, or so the travel experts tell us. It’s highly unlikely your research covered repatriation so here’s 5 facts worth sharing.

For UK residents:

  1. In the event of a death overseas, your travel insurance provider will appoint a local funeral director who is responsible for arranging the transport home and overseeing the necessary administration.
  2. In the absence of valid insurance, it is the family’s responsibility to appoint a funeral director and to cover their costs, including administration and transport (which can lead to £ thousands), before repatriation is possible.
  3. Deaths must be registered in the country and the death certificate will be issued in the language of that country.
  4. Funeral arrangements can only be made once authorisation is provided by the UK’s Death Review Service (Scotland) or the Home Office (England).
  5. Ashes that return to the UK require a certificate of cremation as well as the death certificate and, on arrival to the UK, will need to be checked at Customs.

William Purves has been helping families for generations to bring loved ones who had died abroad safely home. Our role is to help navigate a path through complex, unfamiliar administrative processes, where language and cultural differences present unique challenges. And for non-UK citizens, we can advise on practical matters to ensure they – or their ashes – return to their chosen destination smoothly.

So, when you’re surfing the web for 2019 deals, don’t forget to check your travel insurance is up-to-date. And in the event you do need us, we’re here 24/7, 365 days a year. Please read our Repatriation Guide for more information.