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Comparing the last 12 months to the year before, we have seen a shift towards funeral events that were highly personal. A key element of the uniqueness was often the coffin. At the heart of a funeral, it’s the recognisable stand-out moment. This is especially true at a time when funerals were live-streamed, recorded or acknowledged by passer-by’s on their routes rather than attended in person.

We understand coffins are not the sort of purchase you have to consider often and, the pressure to get it right can be overwhelming, especially at an already difficult time. In this blog we’ll explore the different options to suit every preference and budget.

Burial or Cremation

This is the starting point in choosing a coffin. There may be certain limitations placed by the crematoria or cemetery, particularly woodland or eco providers. These are typically related to the suitability of materials or restrictions around size.

Casket or coffin

Yes, there’s a difference between caskets and coffins. Caskets are straight sided in a rectangular shape with rounded edges, often featuring a hinged lid which can be fully or partially opened. Coffins are, unsurprisingly, coffin shaped with six sides, sometimes with a curve around the shoulder and tapered sides. Both are lined and come in a variety of sizes.



Wood is the most popular coffin material in the UK, and all our wood coffins are FSC credited which means it’s from sustainable UK forests. Solid or wood veneer choices come in a variety of different shades and wood sources and are suitable for both burial and cremation. Wool, bamboo, wicker or cardboard are among the many environmentally friendly options on offer.


Anything goes. Coffins can be personalised in many ways. From set designs to photography provided by families, to team logos or themes, coffins can be as individual as you want. In most cases, the lining can also be personalised. We even have coffins with blackboard tops for loved ones to leave messages.


For those that don’t want a coffin at all, where a woodland or natural burial is preferred, you could consider a shroud. We can guide you as to where this is possible.

Handles & Cords

Wood, brass, or veneered handles enable coffins to be both cremation and burial friendly. For Scottish burials, cords can be added where cord-bearers (usually members of the family) symbolically lower the coffin into a grave.


Viewing, whether that’s at home, in a church, or in our funeral home can be done with any coffin or casket.

Burials at Sea

Whilst not common, there are burials at sea and strict guidelines exist over the types of coffins suitable to qualify for a licence.


In cases where loved ones have been repatriated to the UK, the coffin provided may be entirely functional and unsuitable for a funeral.  If this is the case, we can provide suitable alternatives of your choice.  If repatriation is out of the UK, the destination country and/or the airline, may have set regulations on the type of coffin permitted.

Flowers & Decorations

Even the simplest of coffin can be transformed by the range of floral tributes that accompany it. And we’ve been asked to put together displays of flags, team colours, sporting equipment, shoes or a bible as well as traditional photographs topping the coffin. Making it personal is the key.


The range of coffins and caskets available is extensive with prices ranging from £300 to ten times that.


The coffin is the last thing many people will see whether in person or on a screen.  We have something to suit everyone. So lean on our experience to guide you and your loved ones to one that’s “just right”.