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Funeral home service rooms offer a range of added benefits to families, especially during the current climate where social distancing and limits to attendees are still in force.

The scope of choice is no longer limited to the choice between crematoria or church, depending on what type of funeral you planned. Over the last year, we’ve seen a sharp upturn in the use of our funeral home service spaces and here’s why.

  • Live streaming of funerals is possible in some of our funeral homes, with all able to offer private recording of services for those that cannot attend
  • Digital tributes involving far flung family, friends, neighbours and colleagues can be prepared and used in the service, which not only involves those who cannot attend, but is a chance to personalise a tribute with photos, videos and stories
  • Rooms are often able to accommodate the upper limit of attendees whilst observing the social distancing measures that smaller venues may struggle with
  • The order of events mean families can have a service at any time: before or after a funeral
  • Many of our venues can be used for catered celebrations of life, again before or after an interment or cremation
  • Depending on availability of staff, we can also explore Saturday morning funerals

We have funeral service rooms in Elgin, Inverurie, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, St Andrews, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Galashiels, Hawick, Jedburgh and the newest addition, a £1.5m refurbished Ashington.

If you are planning ahead, or have to arrange the funeral of a loved one, we’d be happy to give you a socially distanced tour.

For service space, and any aspect of funeral arranging, we’re here to help when you need it the most.