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Five Things To Do Before You Die

‘Five Things To Do Before You Die’ A New Campaign To Get People Talking About Their Funeral Wishes

Death and dying is often a subject that most people don’t like talking about which is why we are currently backing a national campaign ‘Five Things to do Before You Die’ to encourage people to plan for their death and discuss their end of life wishes with their loved ones.

SAIF (Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) have launched a new booklet entitled ‘Five things to do before you die.’ which covers, what we feel, is some of the important things that you should share with your loved ones.

We often support families who are unsure what their loved ones would have wanted after their death and this can put even more stress on them during an already emotional time.

The aim of the campaign is to get people talking about their end of life wishes and try to overcome the ‘taboo’ status that death and dying carries.

The ‘Five Things To Do Before You Die’ booklet provides advice on:

Making a Will –  Doing so can help outline your inheritance wishes as well as details of your digital legacy. This includes social media passwords so relatives can keep online photos.

Recording your funeral wishes – these can include whether you want to be cremated or buried, your preferred venue and the type of flowers, music and poetry at your funeral.

Planning for your future care and support – details such as where you would like to be cared for, who should look after your pets and other practical issues.

Registering as an organ donor- ensure your loved ones know if you are on/wish to be on the register .

Telling your loved ones your wishes – ensure they know where the booklet and other important documentation, such as bank statements, are kept.

If you would like to request a free ‘5 Things To Do Before You Die’ booklet then contact our Monkseaton Office Tel: 0191 252 3635 or our Shiremoor Office Tel: 0191 253 2529 or pop in and see us.

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